Olive Egger

Olive Egger


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Olive Eggers are a mixed breed of chicken, the result of mixing Legbars, Marans, and Ameraucanas. Although these are beautiful and interesting chickens, the main point of owning Olive Eggers is to get olive-colored eggs! The addition of these olive eggs in your egg cartons makes a striking difference and makes a fabulous and exciting assortment.

Having a colorful assortment in your egg cartons is a great way to add value to the price for your customers.

These Olive Egger Chickens will all look a bit different from each other but will all lay eggs in shades of olive green. The inside of the shell will be a bright green and the outside will have a brown translucent coating over the green, making the olive color.

These birds are hardy and will do very well in all parts of the country.

Production: Olive Eggers are good layers of about 180-200 large-sized eggs per year.

Temperament: Because of the genetic diversity in Olive Eggers, there tend to be a lot of individualized personalities. But in general, Olive Eggers are friendly and mellow birds, getting along well with other breeds. They are savvy and intelligent and would be great additions to a small farm or homestead.

History: Breeding birds for a special egg color is a pretty new idea, and Olive Eggers are pretty new to the chicken world. They are becoming very popular though as the olive color is just so exciting and in high demand.

Colors: Olive Egger chicks come in a variety of colors.

Conservation Status: Not Applicable, Hybrid

Body Type: Olive Eggers are stocky, medium-sized chickens, and often have pea combs and muffs, which add to their inquisitive look and bearing.

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