Citrus Bearded Dragon
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Citrus Bearded Dragon

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Buy a beautiful Citrus Bearded Dragon from our store. These reptiles are known for their bright orange and yellow coloration and friendly temperament. They make great pets for beginners and experienced reptile owners alike. Our Citrus Bearded Dragons are healthy, hand-raised, and ready to join your family.


Citrus Bearded Dragons are a variety of bearded dragons well known for their gorgeous colours and calm disposition. Due to their low maintenance requirements and amiable personalities, these reptiles make excellent choices for both novice and seasoned reptile keepers.

The brilliant, lemon-coloured scales of the citrus bearded dragon are what catch the eye initially. A genetic abnormality that alters the synthesis of pigments in the skin is the root cause of this distinctive and vivid colouring. As a result, the dragon’s coloration can vary based on its attitude, environment, and lighting, ranging from vivid yellows and oranges to deeper tones of red and brown.

Citrus bearded dragons are renowned for their amiable and inquisitive dispositions in addition to their spectacular beauty. These reptiles are extremely sociable and like to engage with their owners, frequently displaying affection by nodding their heads or sometimes “cuddling” up against them. Additionally, they are energetic and active, frequently enjoying toys and games that appeal to their inborn curiosities and hunting impulses.

Citrus bearded dragons are among the easier reptiles to take care of when it comes to maintenance. They require a cosy, roomy cage with UVB illumination, a basking area, and a variety of hiding places and climbing supports. Due to their omnivorous nature, they need a diet that is balanced between insects and plants, with supplements as needed. Additionally, routine veterinarian examinations and parasite tests are also important for maintaining their health.

The capacity of a citrus bearded dragon to easily adjust to various living conditions and schedules is one of the main advantages of owning one. They don’t need as much attention as other pets do, and they may be left alone for longer stretches without suffering any harm. They also don’t have a strong smell, which makes them a fantastic option for people who might be smell-sensitive.

Citrus bearded dragons are well recognised for their easy maintenance and amiable nature, as well as for living a long time. These reptiles can be a long-term and satisfying addition to any family because they can live up to 20 years in captivity with the right care.

The Citrus Bearded Dragon makes a wonderful addition to any reptile enthusiast’s collection as an unusual pet. This lizard will attract attention and become the focal point of any decor thanks to its vivid and bright colours.

Citrus Bearded Dragons are a subspecies of Pogona vitticeps and are distinguished by their vivid orange colouring. The Citrus Bearded Dragon has become more well-known in the reptile pet sector thanks to its distinctive colouring, which is the consequence of selective breeding.

Citrus Bearded Dragons require little maintenance when it comes to care. They need a sizable enclosure with lots of space to roam, bathe, and hide. These lizards need a warm, dry environment with a basking location that reaches temperatures of 100 to 110 degrees Fahrenheit because they are native to the hot, arid parts of Australia.

An assortment of veggies and insects should be included in the diet of your Citrus Bearded Dragon. For protein, consider crickets, mealworms, and roaches. For vegetables, consider kale, collard greens, and squash. To prevent metabolic bone disease, it’s crucial to sprinkle calcium and vitamin D3 pills on their food.

The gentle temperament of citrus bearded dragons is one advantage of possessing one. They are popular for being amiable and simple to manage, making them a fantastic choice for both novice and seasoned reptile keepers. When properly cared for, they have a lifespan of 10 to 15 years, which is also fairly long.

The distinctive colouring of a citrus bearded dragon is another advantage. They distinguish themselves from other reptiles thanks to their vivid orange scales and distinctive patterns, which make them an excellent conversation starter and aesthetically pleasing addition to any home.

Citrus Bearded Dragons are not only beautiful and simple to care for, but they also have a high level of intelligence and are very social. They are a fantastic choice for anyone looking for an interesting and amusing pet because they enjoy exploring their surroundings and communicating with their owners.

Overall, the citrus bearded dragon is a fascinating and eye-catching pet that is suitable for both novice and seasoned keepers. They are fun to be around because of their friendly and energetic attitudes, and their magnificent looks are sure to draw attention.

In conclusion, individuals who are interested in reptiles will find the Citrus Bearded Dragon to be a lovely and fascinating pet. They make excellent choices for both novice and seasoned reptile keepers due to their distinctive colours, calm dispositions, and social behaviours. These lizards may bring years of delight and companionship with the right care and attention.

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  • Harrison

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    The citrus bearded dragon’s bright and vibrant colors give it a sunny and cheerful personality. It’s a delight to have as a pet

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