Isopods from the genus Armadillidium Peraccae are adorable little organisms that are gaining popularity among vivarium hobbyists. Little crustaceans known as isopods, sometimes known as “Spanish Porcellio” or “Powder Blue Isopods,” are native to Spain and Portugal.

We will go through the characteristics, maintenance requirements, and advantages of these adorable tiny critters in this product description.

Isopods from the genus Armadillidium Peraccae, sometimes referred to as “Powder Orange” or “Powder Orange Dalmatian” isopods, are tiny crustaceans with hard shells.

They are well-liked by reptile and invertebrate keepers since they may use them as a natural cleaning crew for their enclosures or as a source of food for their pets. The following are some of the main characteristics of Armadillidium Peraccae isopods:

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