Albany Gamefowl Hatching Eggs

Albany Gamefowl Hatching Eggs


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If you are looking for Albany Gamefowl Eggs You are at right place. Buy Albany GameFowl Hatching Eggs.

When will I get my eggs?

We generally ship out Hatching Eggs from Mid February through October. We try our best to give out the best estimate on shipping time but sometimes it takes longer than expected as we are a small farm and chickens can be unpredictable.

How will my Eggs Ship?

Hatching eggs will be shipped either USPS Priority 1-3 days or FedEx 2-Day, whichever is least expensive depending on your location. They will be individually wrapped in bubble wrap. The inside of the box will be lined with aluminum foil.

What if my eggs break in shipment?

We always reship or refund damaged eggs. We package really well so this hardly ever happens. Currently, from the buyers I have heard back from, 99% of my eggs have arrived unbroken. One gentleman I have stayed in contact with that lives hundreds of miles away e-mailed me recently and said 13 of 13 eggs hatched. Another gentleman that lives over 1000 miles away said that 21 of 24 hatched.

What if my eggs don’t hatch?

Be sure to let the legs rest for 48 hours in a cool place before you incubate. Sometimes the mailing process can be a bit rough and letting them rest for the 48 hours will increase your hatch rate. If you happen to have a bad hatch please contact us. We offer one free replacement shipment.

Can you sex the eggs?

No. Eggs are net sexed before shipment.

How old are the eggs?

Eggs are fertile and no more than three days old when I mail them.

Can I get mixed breed hatching eggs?

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